Vintage Kite Quilt Along

As a quilter, I am pretty traditional and gravitate toward traditional piecing.  I like it and it has served me well!  However, I am always looking to expand my comfort zone when it comes to quilting, so when Fat Quarter Shop offered the Vintage Kite Quilt Along, I jumped on it!  Why is this outsideContinue reading “Vintage Kite Quilt Along”

Blueberry Buckle

Okay, so I have absolutely no idea where this Blueberry Buckle recipe originated from. It could have been in a cookbook, found online, or borrowed from a friend. All I know is this recipe is absolutely delicious and I am not the originator of the recipe! What is a Buckle? A buckle is a coffeeContinue reading “Blueberry Buckle”

My Quilting Story

My quilting story is not as exciting as one would hope! Mostly because I have the memory of a gnat and most of the details are a little fuzzy.  I will start from the very beginning and work my way up to where my life has turned in to all things quilting all the time!Continue reading “My Quilting Story”