Shine on Sampler Quilt Along – Month 1 and 2

Happy New Year! 2021 came quickly and I am excited to see what this year will bring!

I am determined that 2021 will be the year I finish a quilt along…on time…with the actual quilt along timeline.  In the past I have planned on joining along or I catch on halfway through the quilt along when it is slightly too late to catch up.  I have even paid for and received an entire block of the month program, but after the second month I really didn’t like the fabric and lost interest.  I will eventually finish that quilt, maybe. Hopefully!

I digress, I am determined to finish a quilt along this year and with that the Shine On Sampler Quilt Along from Bonnie and Camille is just the ticket! I hemmed and hawed about joining this block of the month.  Do I want to spend the money? The time? Will I actually complete the blocks each month?   I ultimately decided not to sign up for the Shine On Sampler Quilt Along but I did pre-order Bonnie and Camille’s new book as a compromise.

The new book, The Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee, arrived on my doorstop and oh my goodness I just want to make everything in it.  The colors in the Shine On fabric line are bright and cheerful. The quilts are big, with simple blocks yet they look complete and whole.  It is silly, but this book just gives me the happy feels!

I had the book for all of a day before I signed up for the Block of the Month through Fat Quarter Shop.  I knew I wanted to make the Shine On Sampler quilt and the Block of the Month seems to be the best way to make it!

Month 1

Month 1 included the Quilt Bee book, so I am now the proud owner of 2 copies of The Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee, and the Shine On fabric to complete the first three blocks (Beehive, Bee’s Knees and Bliss).  I dug right in to making the first month’s blocks as soon as I opened the packing!   I started by separating the Shine On fabrics to match their blocks and then I simply took my time cutting and sewing each block individually.    No fuss, no rush.  I took my time, making sure to cut each print with direction in mind.   

This concept of taking my time and being mindful is also a goal I am striving for with each quilt.  I often get so excited to start a new project, that I just start cutting and when I get through the directions, I realize how I could have done the cutting differently or planned differently if I just slowed down.  So, with this Shine On Sampler Quilt from Bonnie and Camille, I will practice patience!  Especially because I re-cut multiple pieces of the Bee’s Knees Block because I wanted the prints to be in a different direction!

At the end of making the first month’s blocks, I realized there was a TON of fabric left. Like so much fabric.  For the Beehive block, there were 4 prints that only needed 1 – 2 ½ inch square and we were give a 10-inch square.  I obviously used the tiny corner, and the rest of the fabric was put aside.  So, I now have a pile of extra fabric stacking up nicely.

Month 2

The Month 2 fabrics arrived right as I was leaving for Christmas Break, so the blocks unfortunately had to wait until I got back.  I mean, I had time to get them started, but my machine, iron, extra lights, etc. had all been unplugged and I am straight up lazy sometimes.  

So upon my arrival home the Shine On Sampler Month 2 blocks were cut out and made!  The blocks this month consisted of Bloom Block, Butterfly Block and 2 of the Celebrate Block.   I once again separated the Shine On fabrics and got started one at a time.

My seam ripper was my friend this month. Not entirely sure why but I like to sew pieces backwards.  So I rip rip rip and re-sew and re-iron and continue on my way!

The blocks are beautiful. The blocks are done. I am looking forward to the next months delivery already!  My extra fabric pile is also growing and I am super pumped for what I can do with all the leftovers!

I should also note that I got sucked into the cross stitch world last month.  I couldn’t take the cuteness I see on IG any longer and just got started!  Now I am three cross stitch projects deep and loving it!   So I am working on Shine On Sampler Cross Stitch to go along with the Shine On Sampler Quilt!  

Everything has these beautiful bright colors!

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