Where Did the Time Go?

So busy, yet nothing accomplished

In true me fashion, my best laid plans seem to go by the wayside. Between the massive amounts of snow, the frigid temperatures and my inability to say no to extra hours at work, February has been a little less than I hoped it would be.

Buuuut, that is just okay with me!  There is always a lesson from the day’s events and the teacher in me always tries to reflect on these never ending, and sometime annoying, lessons!  Extra hours also correlates to more money which is never a bad thing!

What have I accomplished so far this month…

  • Quilted AND bound the Hearts and Kisses Valentine’s Day quilt
  • Added binding to 5 quilts and finished hand sewing all of them!  Not too shabby.
  • I started like 5 new quilts
  • Joined 2 new quilt alongs, maybe 3?  Not sure I can keep track anymore!
  • Finished the Timberland Quilt which is being turned into a kit!

What I have not managed to get done this month…

  • Hours in on the long arm – frigid temperatures make my basement unbearable even with a space heater pointed at my direct location.
  • Consistent blog posts – I guess I do not have much to say except cold weather, shoveling snow, repeat.
  • Have fallen sew behind on the Sew alongs this month.

Still working on the On Safari quilt.  

Timberland Quilt Kit is now available in the shop!  I made the sample and dibs were called on it before I even finished it!  The pops of the gold just really make it something fabulous.   The kit includes the background, border and binding fabric.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

And now it is March.  

I started writing this blog in the middle of February.  Time has definitely been against me lately.   When I was teaching from home, I did not have a commute and spent that value time sewing and creating.   Now that I am teaching in the building, I have a 30-mile commute and a 45-minute drive.  I miss my sewing commute time and it has definitely impacted my productivity.  

So now it is March and this blog post in finally getting accomplished with a lot of rambling and probably not a lot of solid information.

Lots of new fabric coming this month!  Two lines are on their way to be right this minute!

  • Land of Liberty by My Mind’s Eye – The newest Americana themed fabric released from Riley Blake Designs.  The main floral for this line is just stunning!  There are so many ideas brewing in my brain for what awesome quilts can be made with this line!

Any suggestions on a classic quilt pattern that would be great for this line?  I am anxiously awaiting what people come up with for this collection.

  • Destinations Volume 3 – Anderson Design Group – Texas, Alaska and Canada are featured in this new release.  These digitally printed panels have so many options and are just too cool for words. 

Have you used the panels yet?  Which is your favorite? I am still working on getting a few quilts from the last release done.

There are other fabrics coming our way soon, but not sure when or what.  It’s a surprise! Next month the Halloween fabrics come out!

The Safari Quilt is almost done! OMG it is HUGE.  I may have made the blocks 2 inches larger than the pattern called for. Then added sashing. Oops!  But it is looking killer, pun intended. 🙂 I am looking for a backing now and browsing pantograph options.  I will be reaching out for suggestions soon!

The Tula Pink Daybreak Quilt Kit quilt is done.  Not sure I am as happy with the outcome as I would have hoped, but live and learn.  The quilt is so square and edgy that I went with a loopy pantograph with hot pink thread (40 wt. Glide Flamingo, to be exact) The backing is super fun. 

Instead of spending $80.00 plus on 7.5 yard backing, I did a stripped piece of the scraps leftover from the blocks.  An 8.5in x 4 inch strip in the center is perfect to get a backing to the 90 x 90 without having to spend the extra money on the yardage.  

On a non-quilt related note, the weather has turned to spring rather early this year and I must say, I am loving it!   60 degrees and sunny in the beginning of March for the Midwest is unheard of.  Normally we have cold, miserable rain with a lot of dark and gloomy days.  This year seems to be sun, sun and more sun!  Which I cannot complain about!   Maybe I will be able to snag a friend and get some fun quilt pictures outside this spring.

Happy Quilting from Buffalo Flatts Quilt Co!

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