Summer Vacation!

Well hello there and happy summer!  It has been a minute since I sat down to write anything!  I have thought about it many a time, but that summer vacation life took over. School starts back up in about a month and I am not sure I have too much to report on my goings on so far this summer.

Summer break started with a quick trip to Las Vegas!  School ended on a Friday and by Sunday I was in the air flying to relaxation and good food.   I stitched the July Calendar Crates from Stitching with the Housewives by pool, ate a lot of great food and lost $35 in a slot machine in about 3 minutes flat.  I am obviously an excellent gambler!  

But oh boy, did we eat good! Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesar’s, Gordon Ramsey, Bugsy and Meyers steakhouse, Mon Ami Gabi and I cannot forget Beer Park in Paris.   Eating is basically why my sister and I go to Vegas.

After 3 wonderful nights, it was time to come home. Bye bye Bellagio, hello Chicago!

Back to Work!

I’ve spent most of my time quilting, stitching, and working at my second job.  I work retail about 20 hours a week. I work just enough to keep me out of trouble! And the people I work with are beyond fabulous!


I’ve been piecing and quilting quite a bit.   It would not be my life without a few longarm issues along the way!  I was having trouble sewing left to right; long stitches were occurring.  Almost like the needle was getting stuck in the fabric and dragging.  I checked to make sure all cords we plugged in, I changed the needle, changed the bobbin, changed the thread.  Could not seem to figure out the problem.  I noticed a spring was bent, so I replaced that. Still no luck.

I loaded a scrap panel so I could finally figure out what was up.  Well, let me tell you, all it took was moving a cord from under another cord and plugging the cord in above the other one.  Who knew a cord touching another cord could cause so much misery!  Like really, that is all it took.  Those encoders are something else!

As frustrating as it is to hit a snag (for lack of a better term) when all is said and done, I am happy to have been able to learn about the machine and how to fix the issues that arises.  And not even just fix, but really understand how the machine works.

Once that was fixed, I was back in business.  Of course, the Longarm League was a great help in figuring out the problem and giving encouragement to figure out the issue.

My Pfaff has also been in and out of being serviced for the past two months.  First go around the diagnosis was that the machine was really really dirty! Oops, I use it a lot!  But once home the problem was not fixed, in fact the problem was worse! So back the Pfaff went.  

This time I had to wait almost two full months before the machine was even looked at.  Again, the diagnosis was lint in the motor.  So that is now fixed, but the machine still is not quite right.  

The needle down function seems to be the issues.  So, my dilemma now is do I take it back a third time or just live without the needle down function?   First world problems, I know!

Anywho, you are not here to listen to be B**** about my technical problems!

Back to quilting!

I have been piecing up a storm this summer! Trying to get WIPs (work in progress) done and off the floor along with starting new project, probably more new projects than I care to admit.

I love the entire process of making a quilt.  Cutting out the fabric is new and exciting.  Such anticipation for what is to come!  Then the piecing; seeing the quilt blocks come together one at a time and then together in rows.  Adding the boarders brings the entire quilt together! 

The quilting is obviously what brings the quilt to life! Fun to watch that and choose the quilt pattern and I could go on for days!

I am just going to show you what I have been up to in pictures because otherwise I am just going to be talking nonsense.

Top Row: My Favorite Color is Moda Block of the Month. Color combo – Trading Post.
Bottom Row: Shine on Sampler Block of the Month from Fat Quarter Shop and Bonnie and Camille!
I am on track with BOTH quilt alongs! OMG!!!!

Okay, this is the last one I will share…today! This really has been a post about nothing! I will do better once school starts. When I am on the computer all day everyday. And can organize my thoughts!

This really is a blog post about nothing! If you read this entire post, you are too kind!

PS.  We have lots of great new fabric in the shop!  Check ‘em out!

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