Cultivating Quilt 

Today is the day!  Carrie from Lifting Limits Quilting has released this awesome new quilt pattern – Cultivating Quilt.  This pattern combines all sorts of cool blocks from flying geese to half rectangle triangles (is that what they are called?) and has infinite opportunities for fabric choices and finished looks! 

Shop the pattern here!

Cultivating Quilt from Lifting Limits Quilting

A few months ago, Carrie posted on her Instagram account that she was looking for pattern testers for her new quilt patterns.  And anytime I see a call for a pattern tester, I add my name to the hat. So I did!  And I was chosen to work on this new Cultivating Quilt pattern. 

Carrie sent out the pattern and I got to work! 

Initially, I was going with a Halloween look by using Spooky Hallow by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair.  I had the fabrics placed out ready to go, but I was missing one background fabric to tie everything together. Just one fabric! Ugh! 

I tried different whites, blacks, oranges, and I just could not get the look I wanted. 

I didn’t like the two creams next to one another, but the black was too much and an orange sparkler wasn’t right!

Has that ever happened to you?  Everything is awesome but then there is just one piece to the puzzle that you cannot get right?  That is what happened here.  And then I got frustrated.  

And then I decided to scrap the Halloween theme and went a COMPLETELY different direction.  


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink

Now really, cannot go wrong with rainbow! And once the fabrics were chosen, this quilt came together in no time! 

Fabrics and Rulers: 

  • Fabric A – Pure Delight Grid White 
  • Fabric B – Sparkle White Sparkle by Melissa Mortenson 
  • Fabric C – Riley Red Confetti Cottons Solids
  • Fabric D – Dandelions Confetti Cottons Solids 
  • Fabric E – Crayola Inchworm Confetti Cottons Solids 
  • Fabric F – Riley Navy Confetti Cottons Solids and Crayola Piggie Pink 
  • Fabric G – Boy Blue Confetti Cottons Solids 
  • Fabric H – Baby Pink Confetti Cottons Solids 
  • Fabric I  – Various Colors throughout quilt 
  • Fabric J – Crayola Melon Confetti Cottons Solids
  • Fabric K – Holly Confetti Cottons Solids 
  • Fabric L  – Crayola Wisteria Confetti Cottons Solids 

Shop the Cultivating Fabrics Here

Once all the pieces were cut out and ready to go, this quilt was really fun to piece together! There are so many different techniques included in the quilt pattern from strip piecing to flying geese and of course the half rectangle triangle!  

Never, have I ever made a half rectangle triangle! Nope, and let me tell you. I did them wrong.  Pieced, pressed and trimmed, feeling really good about myself until I realized the light blue and light pink triangles needed to go in the opposite direction of what I had made. I pieced all the triangle pieces in the same direction when I should have pieced half in one direction and the other half in the opposite direction.  

Ugh! So annoying but such a great lesson!  And I will tell you, I went on Amazon and bought Half Rectangle Triangle Bloc Loc Ruler for future use (linked above)! 

One day I will create a blog post on how to make these lovely rectangles, but that is not today! Ha!

This quilt top came together flawlessly once I had all the pieces made correctly! And I really love the final look!  This is a different quilt for me, a little more modern than many of the quilts I make.  But I love it! Pushing myself to try new patterns and make something out of my comfort zone is so good for growing my skills as a quilter.  

And the best part is that the pattern is now available for everyone to make!  And you should because it is a good one! 

Sweet Home Chicago!

Thanks for joining our adventure! 


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