Merry Cabin Quilt Along Week 2

Week 2 – of the Merry Cabin Quilt Along is here! 

This is a Cutting Week! Let’s get those fabrics cut and ready to sew! 

If you care about directional prints – use the cutting diagram from the welcome email!  I created that template when I made my first Cozy Cabin Quilt which had a TON of directional prints. While the template is a little funky, it will work!

If directional prints do not apply cut according to the pattern directions!

If you are using the Cheery and Merriment fabric like I am, you do not have to worry about directions! Which is awesome!

Cutting: Slow and steady wins the race!

When cutting a new quilt, I always start by cutting one fabric at a time.  By starting with just one fabric, I am able to get a feel for how the blocks need to be cut and a rhythm.  Odd to think cutting has rhythm, but it totally does!

If I make a mistake or change a cut for directional purposes, I am only risking one fabric instead of multiple.  If I make a mistake, chances are I can make up for it elsewhere or learn not to make the same mistake moving forward.

Once I have my cutting mojo established, I will layer my fabrics and cut multiple pieces at one time. Usually no more than 3 fabrics at a time. 

I also really enjoy cutting fabric – it is very relaxing! Would you agree??! 

You DO NOT have to layer fabrics, cut your fabrics however you are most confident

Cutting background fabrics: I love that this quilt uses almost all of the fat quarters and has very little background fabric to cut!  

When you cut the background fabric, there are only 3 sizes you need to cut – 3.5 inch square, 3 x 2.5 inch rectangle and 2 x 1.5 inch rectangle.  

That is it! 

Make sure your background fabric is pressed if there are many lumps and bumps and this would be a great use of a Striplogy Ruler if you have one. 

(link – I should have added this to the helpful tools section, but this ruler is a very large investment) 

When cutting background fabric it is very easy to end up cutting a little wonky – leaving your yardage as if you were cutting on a slight diagonal.  To prevent this, go slowly and realign the fabric after each cut. 

Also, hold your ruler steady so it doesn’t slip and slide on you. 

Organizing your Cut Fabrics : Stack your fabrics by size! Pattern order will not matter in the long run, so stacking each fabric by size is the way to go!

If you have time : I am going to try and get 64 squares (36 for throw size) marked and ready to go for sewing half square triangles (HST) in week 3. Might even try to get the HST sewn and cut this week. But we shall see – no rush! 

Helpful Tools for Week 3: I will link through Amazon and Fat Quarter Shop based on where you love to shop! 

Basically the same tools as from week 2! 

Bloc Loc 4.5 inch Rulers  Amazon.  FQS.

Kimberly Cuts 6 inch Rotating Cutting Mat.   Amazon.   FQS. 

Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter.  Amazon.   FQS.

Creative Grids Rulers – 12.5 in x 6.5 in. Amazon.   FQS.

Creative Grids Rulers – 3.5 in x 6.6 in.  Amazon.   FQS. 

Creative Grids Rulers – 6.5 in x 24.5 in. Amazon.   FQS.

Oliso Project Iron – It’s an investment, but so worth it!   Amazon.  FQS

Week 3: October 2 – Steps 1 through Figure 8! 

The quilt along is going to be every two weeks! Life is BUSY – so take your time! Sew a few hours a day, a week, whatever you can fit in! 

Thanks for joining our adventure! – Francine

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