Merry Cabin Quilt Along Week 3!

It is Week 3 – Wow, time is flying!

Finally it is time to SEW!!!!

We are going to sew from Step 1 through Figure 8. 

Half Square Triangles are our first steps! I love a half square triangle. I love them sew much I am like a Dr. Seuss Book – I love them here, I love them there, I love them everywhere! 

I know not everyone shares my love of the HST, and even if you do, here are some tips for success!

  • Draw a line down the center of your background fabric
  • Use the 45* marking on your ruler as a guide for a straight line corner to corner
  • Press nicely – avoid lumps or folds in your seam
  • Trim your HST to 3 in x 3 in – I do mine with a Bloc Loc Ruler and a rotating cutting mat!

Learning to use the 45* line on the ruler is a huge help – especially with larger sized blocks! 

Marking, Sewing, Pressing and Trimming will be the longest process for this week. 

And if you are making the largest size quilt – there are a A LOT of HST! 

I am here for it and oh so ready!

This week is where the real fun begins! Sewing the blocks!  

There is a lot of chain piecing to be had this week – which makes for easy and peaceful sewing. 

Keep your piles together and in order. This will help tremendously for the weeks to come and it looks pretty! 

The photo below shows which fabrics get sewn together. Make sure your HST are in the correct direction when piecing to the background fabrics.  

Trust me when I tell you it will take far too much effort to unpick if sewn in the wrong direction. 

If sewing with Directional Fabrics: This is where your blocks get fun!  Take each set of fabrics and divide then into 4 sections – I like to deal out he fabric like I would if playing a card game.  Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom, right, top left, etc. This way your colors are spread out through the 4 sides of squares.  

For the HST – 2 piles will have the background fabric line pointing down to the left and 2 piles will have the line pointing down to the right.

Next, look ahead at your pattern to see which direction your background fabric need to be sewn.  Two piles will have the background sewn to the right side of the pile and two sections will have the background sewn to the left of the pile

I have pictures below from when I made this quilt with very directional fabrics

Final Thoughts: Keep the Instagram photos coming! They are awesome and I love seeing your progress!  Tag @buffaloflattsquiltco and use #merrycabinqal #merrycabinquiltalong #buffaloflattsquiltalong

Below are some great ruler sizes to help trim blocks in the upcoming weeks. If you only have room for 1 – go for the 10.5 inch square. Super helpful in many situations! 

Take your time! No rushing here – enjoy the process and have fun! This is a great quilt and we are slow rolling through the next few weeks as all the fun fall activities and football games and life are happening! 

Helpful Tools for Week 4: I will link through Amazon and Fat Quarter Shop based on where you love to shop! 

Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter.  Amazon.   FQS.

Creative Grids Rulers – 6.5 in x 6.5 in. Amazon.   FQS.

Creative Grids Rulers – 10.5 in x 10.5 in.  Amazon  FQS. 

All links are affiliate links which help to create new projects and events for the shop.

Week 4: October 16 – Steps Figure 9 through Figure 12! 

There are lots of pieces that need to be sewn together! Take your time, enjoy your sewing and we will meet for the next steps in two weeks!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Donna Hiorns says:

    Where can I get the layout and cutting instructions for this quilt using the Cheer and Merriment fabrics just like you are doing. Love it and want to duplicate it. Thank you!

  2. Michael says:

    Hello! Is it too late to join this QAL? Will Week 4 be available soon?

  3. Vicki J Raub says:

    I just came across a picture of your Merry Cabin quilt along on pinterest. Looked at the information on you blog, but is there a printed format available. I love your bright colorful sample and would love to make one.

    1. The pattern is called Cozy Cabin by Modernly Morgan!

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