Christmas Cross Stitch – What to Stitch this Christmas!

Christmas Cross Stitching. I could probably leave it at that simple sentence, and you could totally get my vibe!  A whole category within the cross stitching community, Christmas cross stitch really is the best of year! The only downside of Christmas cross stitching is wanting to stitch everything! And I mean EVERYTHING! Sets, clubs, series,Continue reading “Christmas Cross Stitch – What to Stitch this Christmas!”

March in Stitches

Wow, what a busy month March has been!   The longarm was movin’ and groovin’, the sewing machine was humming, and my hands were stitching like crazy!  It was a non-stop, exciting month full of fun projects and crazy weather that changed by the minute. It rained, it snowed, it hit 70 degrees and 30 degrees.  That isContinue reading March in Stitches