Welcome 2022…A Month Late! 

Wow, where did this month go?! Time is absolutely flying and there is oh so much I want to tell you!  First and foremost, I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season!  We spent Christmas at my house this year which turned out to be just fabulous! Dinosaur buttermilk waffles and champagne forContinue reading “Welcome 2022…A Month Late! “

Summer Vacation!

Well hello there and happy summer!  It has been a minute since I sat down to write anything!  I have thought about it many a time, but that summer vacation life took over. School starts back up in about a month and I am not sure I have too much to report on my goingsContinue reading “Summer Vacation!”


What is going on lately?!  School is just about over for the year. Thank goodness!  That virtual/hybrid, you never know who is showing up for school model of teaching is finally over and one can only hope it never comes back!  A quick trip to Las Vegas next week is the perfect way to endContinue reading “Adjusting…”

What’s New in May!

Two blog posts in as many weeks, who am I?!   School is almost out for the summer, the weather is getting warmer and there is adorable new fabric on the horizon!  And longarming, of course! Longarm Services now Available!!! Longarm quilting is now available for anyone and everyone!  This adventure is a long time comingContinue reading “What’s New in May!”

Oh Hi There!

So… I apparently don’t know how to blog very well.  In January, I put together a calendar for posts and ideas on what to write about and well that calendar went out the window by February!  I planned 1 post a week.  Ha!  Definitely not happening at the moment, but maybe in the future! IContinue reading “Oh Hi There!”

Where Did the Time Go?

So busy, yet nothing accomplished In true me fashion, my best laid plans seem to go by the wayside. Between the massive amounts of snow, the frigid temperatures and my inability to say no to extra hours at work, February has been a little less than I hoped it would be. Buuuut, that is justContinue reading “Where Did the Time Go?”

Panels of Love

Let us chat fabric panels for a bit.  Who loves a good panel just as much as I do?! My liking for the fabric panel is a more recent love affair that really started when the National Parks fabric line by Anderson Design Group for Riley Blake Designs was released back in 2019.  I haveContinue reading “Panels of Love”