Temperature Cross Stitch 2023

So, let’s chat about the weather! Ha! I feel like I am slightly obsessed with the weather.  Are you?! Please tell me I am not alone in this need to know and talk about the weather on a daily basis! I am really excited that for 2023 I get to talk about the weather forContinue reading “Temperature Cross Stitch 2023”

March in Stitches

Wow, what a busy month March has been!   The longarm was movin’ and groovin’, the sewing machine was humming, and my hands were stitching like crazy!  It was a non-stop, exciting month full of fun projects and crazy weather that changed by the minute. It rained, it snowed, it hit 70 degrees and 30 degrees.  That isContinue reading March in Stitches

Quilting on the Go!

As I am preparing to go to Quilt Con 2022 in Phoenix this week, I was trying to decide what projects to bring with me on my trip!   There are so many to choose from, that it is hard to decide!  While I was pondering my options, it got me further thinking about traveling in generalContinue reading “Quilting on the Go!”