Panels of Love

Let us chat fabric panels for a bit.  Who loves a good panel just as much as I do?!

My liking for the fabric panel is a more recent love affair that really started when the National Parks fabric line by Anderson Design Group for Riley Blake Designs was released back in 2019.  I have had some truly amazing experiences at National Parks across the country and when this line of fabric first entered my life all happy adventures came rushing back to memory. 

So naturally I had to purchase everything in the fabric line, spending far too much money for my own good.  But truly enjoying every second I have spent using the fabric!

I spent my 30th birthday in Jackson Hole, adventuring through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  It was the end of Oct when the season was literally in its last weekend.  Jackson and the parks were virtually empty, there was snow covering the landscape and the sun was shining.  It was absolutely the best trip and there are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed it!

Naturally, I made 6 different quilts featuring Yellowstone and other awesome National Parks and I am determined to bring these quilts back to Wyoming to get some fabulous #quiltsinthewild pictures!  Yes, I would plan a trip to these wonderful locations just to get a few pictures!  And, of course, hang out with the bison for a few days.   If you have not yet caught on, I am a little obsessed with the bison too!

Back to fabric panels.

There are so many great reasons to work with panels. Here are a few…

  • A little fabric goes a long way.  A panel is usually about a yard, add a few boarders and you easily have a decent size quilt.
  • Panels have cute messages or large images.  Want to get a sweet message across or not cut into a large image, then the panel is your best friend for life!  Many panels have Christmas greetings, messages about love, etc. 
  • A lot of free patterns! Many panels have free patterns from different designs showing off ways to use them!  The Riley Blake Designs website has many free patterns featuring different panels and fabric lines.  I just recently finished up the Down on the Farm quilt using the free pattern from the Riley Blake Designs website.
Free Pattern from Riley Blake Designs!
  • You can also get creative and create your own pattern!  When I started to play around with the National Park panels, I started drawing out what I wanted on paper.  I created my own patterns, measurements, and cutting directions.  It was super fun to dip into the pattern designer world!
The first attempt at pattern designing!
  • Great for practice quilting!  You can add a few boarders or use a whole cloth quilt, just use to practice your free motion quilting, quilting in a pattern or in straight lines. 

So many great options for you as a quilter!

Here at Buffalo Flatts Quilt Co., travel is everything.  Well, right now Buffalo Flatts Quilt Co. is a one woman show, so traveling is everything to me!   So, the next best to the National Parks fabric line is the newer line titled Destinations. 

Destinations is a fabric line by Anderson Design Group for Riley Blake Designs.   The first installment was released back in September 2020 and the second installment was released in November 2020.   The first installment was good, but the second installment is really really good!  Places like the 4 Corners, Niagara Falls, and Hawaii are all featured.  There is even a panel for the manatees down in Florida. 

Fun Fact: I have family that lives 20 minutes from the manatee capital of Florida, a place that is featured in books like 1000 best places to visit.  Manatees are pretty darn awesome!

The third installment is up next, releasing March 2021. Alaska, Texas and Canada will be featured in this release.  I have already pre-ordered some these fabulous panels for the shop, so stay tuned!

There are other great panels available in the shop!  Down on the Farm, Hand in Hand, and the Wilderness Wonders Panel from the National Park line.  Wilderness Wonders Panel is HUGE, measuring at 54in x 72in.  More panels coming soon! Cuteness overload.

I challenge you to use the random panel you have in your stash.  Create a new pattern, find a free pattern, but use the panel!  I bet you will be surprised by the outcome and become just as hooked as I am!    

Happy quilting from Buffalo Flatts Quilt Company!


  1. Mona says:

    Oh my, those Park panel quilts are fabulous! I have a 4 pillow panel and have been looking for the perfect pattern, are you by chance selling your pattern? I’d love to purchase it. The national parks are our favorites too, we travel in our motorhome trying to see them all 🙂

    1. Hi Mona!
      I didn’t use a pattern for the any of the National Park panel quilts. I grabbed a piece of paper and drew out what I wanted! Most of the borders are 4 or 6 (finished) blocks and I went from there! Happy traveling!

  2. Cindy says:

    Stunning work! How did you quilt the Yellowstone panel quilt? Did you use a ruler or a stitch guide? I love the angular pattern and would love to learn how you did it. Thanks!

  3. Beth says:

    What quilting pattern was used on your national park quilts? The long arm pattern is what I am referring to.

    1. The quilt pantograph is called Keryn’s Chevron!

      1. Beth says:

        It’s just beautiful. Thank you so much!

  4. Gigi says:

    Can you tell me how much fabric you used on the Yellowstone and badlands quilt borders

    1. They are all fabrics from the National Park line from Riley Blake Designs!

  5. klwade2013 says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have the panel and wanted to make a quilt from it but wanted more than plain old borders. Panels freak me out because of the math to figure out the size of triangles and such, but I love how you just did the corners. That allows for freedom of the design with room for errors. I think your three quilts have inspired me to give it a go. I am looking forward to their new release with the National Parks Mythological creatures. Who else wants a Big Foot quilt. LOL.

    1. YES – you got this! I cannot wait for the new line of panels from Riley Blake! The new NP panels have my heart singing!

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